Chaplain’s Comments

April has arrived and with it thoughts of warm days, blooming flowers and happy children. This month we celebrate Easter—a time of colored eggs, chocolate bunnies and so much more. It is a time that symbolizes hope, renewal and new life. For Christians it is a time to rejoice that we have a risen Saviour.
We continue to have many among us who are sick and hurting. As always, thank you for remembering those in our membership and let them know you are thinking of them.

Carol Anspach
Joanna Bazemore
Tom Bazemore
Jane Digsby
Samuel LeRoy Digsby
Barbara Dove
Michael Freeman
Glen Fowler
Bruce Furlong
Fred Golden
Laura Golden
Bob Harrell
Family of Priscilla Gregory Monroe
John Moses
Bill Reed
Sammy Terrell
Jerry Wood
Lester Wooten
Unspoken needs
Each MCL member and spouse
Caregivers of the sick

Charles C. Martin