Chaplain’s Comments
July—the month of excitement and fireworks. We as a country celebrate our independence and the birth of a nation like no other one in the world. As Americans, we are blessed every day to wake to experience
freedoms unique to only our country. Even with our problems and situations we are indeed a blessed people. Let’s be thankful each day that we were born here and not some other place.

Those known to be sick and/or in distress among our members:

Carol Anspach
Joanna Bazemore
Tim Colvard
Jane Digsby
Samuel LeRoy Digsby
Wanda Dobbs
Michael Freeman
Glen Fowler
Bruce Furlong
Fred Golden
Laura Golden
Bob Harrell
Mike Key
John Moses
Jim Nabors
Kim Peet
Bill Reed
Sammy Terrell
Jerry Wood
Lester Wooten
Unspoken needs
Each MCL member and spouse
Caregivers of the sick

Thanks for letting me know of any others who should be on our list.

Charles C. Martin