Department of Alabama

The Department of Alabama has 16 Detachments located throughout the state.  To find a Detachment near you please select the “Detachments” Link.

Detachments within the Department of Alabama are involved in many Marine Corps League, veteran and community programs.  Part of our duty is to be good community citizens and partners.  Each Detachment has their own identity and priorities within the confines of national policies.  While most participate in national programs such as Toys for Tots, they also choose which other national and local programs to spend their resources. 

The Department of Alabama and every Detachment has a priority of MARINES HELPING MARINES.  We take care of our own in any way we can regardless if they currently serve, are recently discharged, were discharged 50 years ago, or whether or not they are a member.  We are there to support them and their families.  We assist them in many ways but always do so to the best of our ability.

Our Department conducts quarterly meetings to carry out the business of the Department.  We also conduct an annual Department Convention which is hosted by one of our Detachments on a rotating basis.

The heartbeat of the Marine Corps League is the Detachment and Detachment members. They are the ones who get the job done.  The Department exists to support the Detachment and ensure compliance with National Bylaws and Directives.